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Easy to set up; simple, affordable pricing; auto-updating.

Protect your business and easily configure and customize your privacy policy and website terms of service.

Add cookie consent management features using the powerful, customizable Geata Cookie Consent Management Tool.

The Challenge

Responding effectively to the myriad of privacy laws with compliant privacy policies.
Implementing a global approach to ever changing privacy laws.
Creating easy-to-use tools that are easily understood by all stakeholders.

The Answer

Easy-to-create, affordable Geata customized Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use tools.
Geata customizable Cookie Consent Management Tools
Geata automated policy monitoring and updating services.

Why Choose Us

The Geata team has years of experience implementing online data management tools. Geata's flexible privacy tools provide a website owner with effective disclosures as well as consent and data management systems that benefit you and your customers, and that will remain responsive to a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Easy Input Tool to customize your privacy policy and website terms

Geata's Policy Generator automatically adjusts for changes in the regulatory environment.

Geata Automation to allow visitors to manage their personal data and consent


See why our tools, automation, and policy generator can help your business.

Are Privacy Policies Necessary?

Client Testimonials

"GEATA allows us to be compliant and have confidence that our policies, are current and that we can empower our visitors to manage their privacy."

Sean Conniff, Atomic Design